Creator’s Rules (ones the characters will know about):
·       Only one Harper may be tasked with providing children at a time (the current heir/provider)
·       Current provider will be blessed with eternal youth so long as they hold the title
·       Cannot step down until one of their children wish to take their place

Additional Rules:
·       Goal is to get to 100 points
o   Each child born to the current heir is worth one point
o   When a new heir is chosen, they inherit half the points of their parent (round down)
o   They do not inherit points if their parent died unexpectedly
·       Babies can be aged at any time
·       Children can only be aged when they are A students
·       Teens can only be aged when they are A students
          [Edit: Okay, so these two rules are a lot harder to do than I thought they would be. I might have it be that the kids need at least a B, and if all of one parent's kids have A's, then I'll give myself a bonus 10 points)
·       The current heir may only have up to five children with the same person
o   It is okay if this rule is accidentally broken ie: having four children with the same man and then having a pair of twins
·       When a new heir is selected, they must move into a new house or lot, not taking anyone else with them
·       To count as a point, a child must live with their parent from baby to young adult
·       Other than the rules above, anyone may be moved in or out of the household at any time
·       Current heir may have any job or no job

·       No money or mood cheats allowed

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