What I'm Reading

Sims 3:
The Secret Life of Jewell
       This story is by one of my favorite Simming Authors. It takes a lot of turns and is very addictive. If you’re looking for an exciting plot, then this would be a good place to stop by.

       Another great writer for this one. This starts out as your average legacy and then quickly develops into so much more. The newest chapters have been exceptionally interesting.

       This legacy has been around for years. It is a blast to see the new features of the different expansion packs brought into the story. And the characters are very well developed. It’s a long one, but definitely worth reading from the beginning. 

       I very much enjoy reading stories from 100 Baby Challenges. This one is awesome. Just plain awesome. She’s very far along into it (like 89 little ones far) and she still manages to keep it interesting.

The Gould Legacy
       This is an Alphabetacy, the first one I’ve kept along with. It starts with the story of a girl who has made some mistakes and is trying her best to live with them. The plot has plenty of heartwarming moments.

Sims 4

       A Sims 4 baby challenge, this one is nicely written and has great touches of humor. The mother to be is quirky and makes some fantastic faces. I am happily following along with this challenge. 

       I read lots and lots of sim stories, so I know I am missing quite a few. These are just the ones that I currently have tabbed on my web browser. Give me time, I’ll put more up. :)

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